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courier van insurance

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  • Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only
  • Goods in Transit
  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • UK and European Cover
  • Breakdown cover available
  • Monthly payment options
  • Instant courier insurance documents

A Guide to Courier Van Insurance

Good courier van insurance is always extremely important for courier van drivers. A good van insurance policy for couriers will protect not only the van itself but also the contents being transported. This is why it’s necessary to get a special courier insurance policy rather than regular motor insurance. Finding courier van insurance is now easier than ever thanks to the internet so you can get the right policy at the right price.

It’s always a good idea to decide on what level of cover you want to take out before getting quotes. The level of cover you get will depend on your budget but there are certain key types of cover that are necessary for all courier van drivers. Below is a guide to the types of cover that are available –

Types of Cover

  • Third Party – Third party insurance is the lowest level of cover you can get whilst still being able to drive the van legally. It will provide protection for third parties should you be involved in an accident.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive cover will provide protection for yourself and third parties in the event of an accident that you’re liable for.
  • Goods in Transit – Covering the contents of your van is just as important as protecting the van itself. Goods in transit will cover your contents for damage and theft.
  • Van Replacement – If you’re van needs major repairs then it’s essential that you’re able to carry on working, therefore getting van replacement included in your policy is a very good idea.
  • Breakdown Recovery – Breakdown recovery is always important for couriers. If you don’t already have it in place you should request it as part of your cover.
  • European Cover – If you make deliveries outside of the country, then European cover is ideal.
  • Fleet Insurance – If you own a courier company and insure the company vehicles yourself then fleet insurance is an excellent way of doing this that can save you a great deal of time and money.

Saving Money on Courier Van Insurance

  • Raise Your Excess – The excess is what you’d pay yourself when you make a claim. Whilst it might not sound appealing to have to pay out for a claim, it does mean that you’ll pay significantly less upfront.
  • Park Your Van Securely – When your van is not being used, you will ideally park it in a secure location. This will reduce the chance of theft which mean insurance providers can offer you a better price for the policy.
  • Get an Alarm Fitted – If you don’t already have an alarm fitted then you should do this ASAP. Alarms are an excellent deterrent for thieves and vandals.

Getting Van Cover Quotes is Easy

There was a time when getting multiple quotes would take a lot of effort. Luckily this is no longer the case. You can get tailored quotes from a panel of courier insurance for your van specialists by simply clicking the green button below.

Why Choose Our Courier Van Insurance?

If you are one of those indispensable warriors of the roads known as couriers then you will, or should have, a top notch insurance policy in place. This will cover you for 3rd party, 3rd party fire and theft or fully comprehensive. Your level cover will depend on what you are carrying and will you should also be covered for public liability, breakdown cover and even goods in transit. If you are worried that maybe you are paying too much for your present policy then check out what we have to offer in terms of courier insurance.

Highly tailored policies for your Van

A courier carries many things in many different ways and your policy should reflect this. Our highly tailored policies are made to measure depending on the type of courier insurance you are looking for. We don’t add things on you don’t want to miss off those little things that you do, we simply give you exactly what you want at the price you want to pay, it really is that simple. Compare quotes for cheap courier insurance easily

Courier comparison has never been so easy. We have had our website designed to enable you to compare not only the prices of the various courier insurance policies but also their benefits at a glance. This gives you the best possible choices when it comes to finding the best policy for you quickly and easily.

Save time and money on Courier Van Insurance Comparison

Saving money is great, it’s something we all want to do. The problem is that with many courier comparison sites it takes so long to save a few pounds that that time spent effectively wipes out the savings. We aim to do both as the questions take only a minute or 2 and the results based on your results are on the screen in seconds. Multiple payment options are available for cheap courier insurance

Everyone has their own way of paying for their courier insurance be it through choice or financial restraints. We offer a full range of multiple payment options so you can pay monthly, quarterly or the whole lot in one go. This is helpful in many ways and even if you do pay all in one go the option should be there for you if you fancy a change.

Instant documentation for Insured Couriers

Once you have decided which policy you are going for and have paid the initial deposit or whatever you want your paperwork their pronto, and that’s what we deliver. Once you have signed the virtual dotted line the documents for your new courier insurance will land in your inbox within minutes, exactly as it should be.

Quick and easy claims process

We know of many couriers who have had what they thought was the best insurance for them but when it has come to making a claim they have ended up in a red tape nightmare. Some companies will make a simple claims process into a real drama whereas we go all out to make it as easy as possible. Nobody wants to claim on their insurance, but when you do you will be mightily relieved at the way we handle things. Check us out and get a quote on courier van insurance today.