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A Guide to Goods in Transit Insurance

There are many types of business that transport goods, including couriers, trucking firms and haulage firms. If you own such a business then it’s absolutely essential that you protect your goods against the risk of theft and damage. There are many specialist insurance providers that offer goods in transit icover at competitive rates. You can get quotes from a panel of specialist insurance providers by clicking the green button above, but before you do it might be a good idea to read through the rest of the guide so you can make an informed decision.

Why You Need Goods in Transit Insurance

If the goods you transport are not especially valuable and something that would attract thieves then you might not think that goods in transit insurance is strictly necessary. However it’s not just theft that’s a risk when transporting goods. There’s always the possibility that one of your trucks could be involved in a collision and the goods become damaged. Also, for companies that transport refrigerated goods, the goods could easily spoil if the trucks refrigeration breaks down. Goods in transit insurance will cover you for all these scenarios.

Other Cover Options for Goods in Transit

  • Third party - Third party insurance is the lowest type of cover you can get while still being able to drive a truck legally. It only providers cover for third parties in accidents that you (or your drivers) are liable for. If you’re at fault for a collision then not cover is provided for your truck.
  • Fire & theft - If you want to add extra cover to a third party policy then fire & theft enables you to do this. As well as being covered for third party collisions you’ll also be protected against damage caused by fire and theft of your truck(s).
  • Comprehensive - A comprehensive policy will provide the best level of protection for your trucks. It not only provides cover for third party accidents as well as fire and theft, but also for any accidents that your drivers are liable for.
  • Breakdown cover - Breakdown cover is always essential for truck drivers. If you don’t already have it in place then you can have it included as part of your policy.
  • Employer’s liability - If you have employees then it’s essential that you have employer’s liability insurance. Liability claims from employees have become much more commonplace these days so you want to make sure you’re protected should such as situation arise.
  • Public liability - Liability claims from members of the public are also a big risk for trucking and courier firms. If one of your drivers were involved in an incident where a member of public was harmed or killed then you could face a potentially devastating liability claim. Therefore getting cover is highly recommended.

Factors That Affect Cost

  • Value of vehicles - The value of the vehicles you’re insuring will certainly affect the cost of the policy.
  • Value of goods - The value of the goods you’re transporting will also impact cost. Of course, more valuable goods will cost more to insure, especially those that could attract thieves.
  • Number of vehicles insured - Fleet policies are very common for trucking and courier firms. If you get a fleet policy then the number of vehicles on the policy will likely be the biggest thing that affects cost.
  • Your drivers - The age, driving history and experience of your drivers will also impact cost. This is why most firms that transport goods only employ experienced drivers over the age of 25.
  • Use of vehicles - How your vehicles are used will have an affect on cost too. The amount of miles driven is a big factor that’s taken into account.

Ways You Can Save Money

  • Make vehicles secure - You should always take any steps you can to make your vehicles as secure as possible. There are many excellent security products you can buy for trucks and vans that make them less likely to be broken into and stolen. By reducing the risk of theft, you also reduce the risk of your goods being stolen, which makes your goods in transit cover that much cheaper.
  • Be selective with drivers - Your drivers will certainly have a big impact on the cost that you pay for your insurance so you should be as selective as possible. You want to employ drivers that have a clean driving licence and ideally are aged over 25 and have a good deal of experience driving large vehicles. This will help to keep the cost of your goods in transit insurance to a minimum.
  • Pay annually - Another very reliable way that you can save money on goods in transit insurance is to pay for your policy on an annual rather than monthly basis. Whilst this does mean a much larger initial investment, it also enables you to save a good deal of money on the overall cost of your insurance.
  • Get a lot of quotes - It might seem obvious that getting a lot of quotes is a good way to save money on goods in transit cover but it’s still something that a lot of people fail to do. Getting a lot of quotes will enable you to compare them and select the one that offers the best value.

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